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Canadian Folk Group The Pairs Engage in Hopeful Conversations on Social Change On New EP

By Stevie Connor.

Family is what ties The Pairs together. With soaring harmonies, they share stories of life’s hope, hilarity, and hardship. An honest, quirky stage presence and their unbottled chemistry, quickly connects them with their audience. The line between the stage and the crowd becomes blurred as if we’ve all pulled up a seat around their family’s lively kitchen table. Powered by three classically trained vocalists and a former punk rock drummer, The Pairs offer a unique blend of music that will hug your eardrums and inspire you to dance.

When Will We Find Our Way is their new EP that aims to engage people in hopeful conversations about making real change within ourselves. By trusting that there is more than one way to live our lives, we can better show up for the demands of the world around us and better support our communities. It's about rethinking our purpose as humans and cultivating a more vibrant and expansive way of being together on and with this planet we all call home.

"Annie's Daughter" is an ode to the resilience of children, and a plea to grown-ups to pay close attention to the ways in which young people push against the confines of our rigid systems and structures. The song was written in celebration of the tenacious, outspoken, restlessly curious, and innovative nature that often accompanies those labeled as trouble-makers or hard to work with. It's a reminder that children who struggle within the confines of institutions such as education, are often not the ones in need of "fixing." It is the institution, run by adults, that needs the adjustment. It's a reminder for us as adults to celebrate who these children are by opening our hearts, slowing down, and adapting our infrastructure to be reflective of a more vibrant way of being human within a diverse community.

Following their inception in 2016, The Pairs were warmly welcomed by their home community in London, ON. They quickly gained popularity within their local arts scene. As they toured around Southern Ontario they grew their audience and their sound, finding their voices and honing in on their unique style of harmony and rhythm.

With the release of their album, Noise (2019), The Pairs saw increased support from both national and international radio, and have music streaming in over 75 countries around the world. The group was named Folk Music Ontario’s Songwriter of the Year in 2020 and in 2021, took home the Forest City London Music Award in the Folk/Roots category.



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