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Canadian Duo Piper & Carson Release New Video From Their Latest Album

Piper & Carson released their latest album Edgewalker’s Remedy in October 2020. The album itself is a musical exploration of people’s intersections; showcasing shifting paradigms and encouraging examination.

On June 7, 2021 they have released their first music lyric video for the track Don’t Know Where We’re Going . A song about reflection, transformation, and living in wonder. In a time of uncertainty that lends to the feeling of perpetual suspension, this video tells the story of relief through surrender and a call to action.

The song was written as a conversation between the wind and a man who has spent his life caught up in the harmful hustle and disconnect of the colonial capitalist structure. From start to end he begins to find his way of feeling deeper and remembering what it is to live.

From festival stages to intimate house concerts, Piper & Carson remind us of why we go to see live music. Their songwriting is free and fiercely personal; as if it’s been running in the woods, washing in cold water, and howling with wolves.

The couple's undeniable chemistry and onstage presence draws the audience into the conversation. Piper’s immersive storytelling provides context and familiarity bringing their original music to life. After first meeting on Carson’s

father’s organic vegetable farm, they’ve spent the last four years touring Canada coast-to-coast, showcasing at international folk conferences, touring overseas in the Netherlands and to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In December 2017 they released the album ‘Piper & Carson’ together. Their work is deeply rooted in intention and both strive to use their platform to forward social change and promote mental health awareness.

This duo will make you believe that folk music can change the world.


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