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Canadian Country Rising Star Melissa Endean Releases The Single 'Brother Don't Cry' Ahead of New EP

Canadian Country music recording artist and rising star Melissa Endean is celebrating today's release of the latest single from her upcoming EP, "Brother Don't Cry," a catchy 'outlaw-gospel' track that takes on these challenging times with dark witticism.

Melissa actually wrote the introduction for this track quite a while ago and then put the song on hold, as she explains: "I had this idea for a song with a sort of outlaw-gospel feel, but I could never really find an appropriate direction for it - so I archived it. Then after the Covid-19 pandemic, the lyrics just sort of spilled out of me. I was noticing that so many people were struggling in the aftermath of the pandemic; everyone I spoke to was struggling in some way - whether emotionally, financially, or spiritually and I felt really overwhelmed and frustrated by it all. I think there's a universal feeling right now, that is true for all of us as we try and navigate these unprecedented times, like the world is on fire; like we're all trapped inside of a burning room without an exit:"

Monday is a Monday, and I'm off to the grind

Tuesday's a disaster, start to lose my mind

And by Wednesday I am dying, feeling dead inside

And by Thursday I am crying, I can't live this life

And I'm thanking God for Friday when it comes around

Cuz by the end of week I really wanna burn it all down

Melissa elaborates on her inspiration for this song: "There's a feeling of helplessness, and I think that if you look around at these huge global issues, it can be overwhelming, and sort of depressing. So I wanted to write something that shone a spotlight on the reality of the times, but in a humorous way. The song is kind of like a black comedy that pokes fun at the impending doom that we all feel is inevitably coming, with an underlying message of: "hey, life is sort of f***ed right now, and if we've got to watch the world burn down, we may as well be drinking and enjoying whatever moments we've got left:"

Hailing from Kamloops (Barnhartvale) in the interior of British Columbia, Melissa was raised in a family of professional musicians, and her grandfather once toured with the legendary Johnny Cash. She is an accomplished performer and songwriter, with an immediately recognizable and distinctive vocal style that carries enormous range and power, garnering frequent comparisons to Dolly Parton, Patty Griffin, and Tammy Wynette. Melissa writes and performs with an unrestrained and unapologetic passion that is reflected in a collection of gut-wrenchingly honest and emotionally pure tracks that speak to the potential of neo-traditional and outlaw country.

Melissa's highly-anticipated EP, scheduled for release later this year, will include "Brother Don't Cry," along with several other recently released songs, and the feature track "God's Gonna Cut You Down," a traditional American Folk song also made famous by Johnny Cash, which was recorded (live) at Cash Cabin by Turner, on which she can be heard playing one of Cash's Martin guitars. Melissa is an indie artist with Tiger Music Productions.





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