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Canadian Blues Musician Morgan Davis Recognized With Distinction

Erin McCallum Blues Legend Award

The “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” has just announced the next musician to be recognized with the distinction of “Blues Legend”. 

Upon receiving an official letter detailing the structure and initiative of the Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction, and how his contributions meet the strict criteria, Morgan Davis has accepted the distinction of Blues Legend. 

For over 50 years of musical contributions dedicated strictly to the Blues, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Morgan Davis is recognized with the distinction of Blues Legend.

In addition to being officially recognized as a “Blues Legend” by title and a physical acknowledgement, Davis has also received full entitlement to recognize up to two eligible musicians of his choice for the “Blues Legacy” distinction. 

Each musician recognized with the “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” will be recognized for their contributions to the Canadian Blues Collective on the globally accessible platform, The Sound Café.  

Morgan Davis has elected to select two artists to be acknowledged with the “Blues Legend” distinction. “Back Alley John” (John Carl David Wilson) and Fraser Finlayson are set to be officially recognized alongside Davis on The Sound Café website this spring.  A customized physical representation of the Blues Legacy Distinction will also be awarded to Davis this spring. He joins Chuck Jackson in title-ship of Blues Legend who was the first recipient of the distinction last August. “Back Alley John” and Fraser Finlayson will join Richard “Hock” Walsh and Jane Vasey in the title-ship of “Blues Legacy”. 

The Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction recognizes Blues musicians who have made an impact through their contributions to the Canadian Blues Collective. The self-funded, criteria based, and musician-led initiative strives to educate people about the musicians who have been acknowledged via this distinction, serving as its own contribution to the Canadian Blues Collective.   

For more information, visit the official home of the Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction at or stay connected by joining the Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy group on Facebook HERE

Morgan Davis - Photo Credit: Nick Harding

Photo Credit: Nick Harding.


Erin McCallum

Singer, songwriter, musician, performer, investigative writer and contributor to the Canadian Blues Collective for decades, Erin McCallum, was inspired to develop an official distinction based on recognition driven by the artists themselves. The basis of this inspiration is to provide a space for recognition that honors eligible artists strictly based on their musical merits and contributions, without political bias or influences external to the musical merits/contributions of the eligible artist. The Blues Legend and Legacy Award does not work through submissions, deadlines, votes or committees; however, it offers the opportunity to recognize artists and inform and educate blues fans through its artist-driven selection structure for the Blues Legacy Award. This structure is unique to the Canadian Blues Music Collective in that it is strictly artist-driven, self-funded and has high recognition criteria.

This award is not sponsored by record companies, managers or entities, and you will not obtain financial benefits through fees, memberships or payments. Due to its high mandate/criteria, the Blues Legend and Legacy Award will continue to be an elite honor to which the recipients themselves have the authority to contribute, maintaining the intent and integrity of the merit-based recognition on which it is founded.

Each artist selected to receive the “Blues Legend” distinction will be notified and presented with a physical award commemorating their contribution(s) to the blues.


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