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Canada's Tenise Marie Has Released Her Brand New Single 'Give Me A Chance' From Upcoming Album

Tenise Marie is a singer-songwriter who has emerged from the mystical forests of Argenta, British Columbia, Canada. On a foundation of acoustic guitar, piano, and soulful vocals, she builds her songs with vision and care.

Tenise’s earliest memories are of singing along to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez cassette tapes in her mum’s kitchen. Soon after, she was introduced to the music of Joni Mitchell, who remains Tenise’s single most impactful musical influence, and whose traceable path from folk to jazz offers continual inspiration. Named for the old growth cedar forests of “Tenise Creek”, this artist was born to experience profound connection with her natural surroundings.

The Kootenay campfire culture of her childhood instilled in her an obvious rawness and transparency. Her unique craft further distilled throughout her formal training at Selkirk College in Nelson, British Columbia, where she studied vocal performance, discovered her love for jazz, and explored classical composition techniques. A storyteller and traveller at heart, Tenise is inspired by the beauty of landscapes and the kindness of humans.

Tenise is inspired by nature and friends from all corners of the world. Her adventures climbing mountains, riding waves, and watching sunrises soak into her enticing melodies and raw lyrics. She's a self-described nomad and a “dreamer in a world on fire” - her music is an irresistible cocktail of calculated creativity - to be stirred, served over ice, sipped, and savoured all night.

"Like so many of my songs, 'Give Me a Chance' was born from a small spark of inspiration, and has grown like a wildfire into one of the defining anthems in the soundtrack of my life. In the past, I often used blanket statements to describe myself: my nature and behaviours. A lot of these turned out to be limiting beliefs. “Give Me a Chance” captures the moment I realized I could break the cycle and evolve beyond repeating my same old mistakes. This was the moment I realized my life could be different. New things are hard, though, and growth doesn’t come without pain. When you change one part of your life, it sends a ripple through the rest of it. The song is addressed to a romantic partner, comparing the recipient to wine and noting their nuance, their difference in depth and flavour. It’s about the fear and beauty of a precious moment when someone looks at you and you know they are seeing you for exactly who you are. Being understood like that by another person can be both a meaningful and frightening experience. In the chorus, I drop all pretence and sense of occasion; the lyrics are simple and direct. 'Give Me a Chance' is a vulnerable plea for patience, love and acceptance" - Tenise Marie

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Tenise Marie performs ' The Highway' live.


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