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Canada's Purveyors Of Groove, Blackburn Brothers, Bring SoulFunkn'BLUES With New Album

By Sarah French. Photo Credit: Laura Carbone

Veteran Musicians To Release Their Third Album Via Electro-Fi Records September 1, 2023.

An obvious uniqueness that identifies and sets apart the band is that Blackburn Brothers is a band of brothers - literally. Duane (lead vocals, organ, piano), Brooke (guitar, vocals), Cory (drums, harmony vocals), Robert (guitar, harmony vocals), and Nathan (bass guitar) all share the Blackburn name. This name has become truly connected to Toronto's music history. Musically, the Blackburn name has been forever imprinted in Canadian Music by the patriarch of the family, Bobby Dean Blackburn, a veteran R&B artist who gained legendary status on the Toronto music scene, performing the city circuit for over 50 years. On September 1, 2023, Blackburn Brothers release their long-awaited third recording, aptly titled SoulFunkn'BLUES, keywords one can use when describing Blackburn Brothers."I feel that this CD has more of a crossover blues rock, feel with a funk foundation. It has a crossover sound without losing the original solid Blackburn Brothers feel /groove," says Duane Blackburn. "I also rejoice in the fact that we had such incredible guest musicians performing on this CD." SoulFunkn'BLUES also features long-time bandmates Neil Brathwaite and Ted Peters on horns. In the brilliantly worded liner notes written by family friend and soul superstar in her own right, Shakura S'Aida, the history of Blackburn Brothers and their imprint on the Canadian soul/blues scene is evident. The Blues that the Juno-award nominated Blackburn Brothers create is part of their inheritance, a legacy that began with Elias Earls, an enslaved man born in Kentucky in 1792 who escaped slave owners and found freedom in Canada. The Blackburn Brothers music is authentic and always about a message of history, freedom, legacy, family, black unity, and love. Listen to SoulFunkn'BLUES and you will move to the heavy riff-filled soul blues, funky danceable blues, and deep groove-based blues. Listen to the lyrics and you will hear the stories of Black Canadians. "SoulFunkn'BLUES is an eleven-track tribute to all the trailblazers and all the ancestors and forgotten tribes who taught the Blackburn Brothers the importance of history, blues, soul, groove, rhythm, and life. It's an original tribute to 231 years of Canadian Roots and Blues" - Shakura S'Aida With Multiple Maple Blues Award nominations and a win for New Artist/Group of the Year in 2010, Juno Award nominees Blackburn Brothers and their SoulFunkn'BLUES are here and will leave a lasting legacy, just as their ancestors did.


Blackburn Brothers Perform At The TD Markham Jazz Festival 2015.


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