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Byron Smith Has a Hit In The Making With New Release

A hit in the making! Upbeat pop sensibility, featuring catchy melodies and lush harmonies Byron Smith is an independent singer, songwriter and recording artist based out of Melbourne, Australia – a vibrant city renowned for its thriving music scene. During the 1980s, Byron (who was a staff features writer for national music magazine Juke at the time) played lead guitar in a number of Melbourne indie bands, including Thirteen at Midnight (not to be confused with a UK band of the same name), whose members went on to become a well-known band called Things of Stone and Wood. 

This year, Byron has been busy writing, recording and releasing songs that have been attracting global attention and critical acclaim. Perhaps best described as ‘thoughtful, alternative pop’, these songs explore thoughts and feelings often left unexplored in this genre. Byron says this song, 'In Your Eyes', is about "the feelings that come when you realise the love of your life is falling out of love with you." That sad sentiment is juxtaposed with an upbeat pop sensibility featuring catchy  melodies and lush harmonies.

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