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Buenos Aires-Born Canadian Singer-Songwriter Onna Lou Drops New Single About Freedom From Oppression

Filled with encouragement and inspiration to raise our voices against oppression, "Diamante" is song dedicated to speaking up, taking action, and reminding all people that they are strong enough to make a change. Directly translating to the word "Diamond", Onna Lou's "Diamante" personifies the beauty of the precious gem, which is created from tremendous amounts of pressure at very high temperatures - a direct allusion to the strength and willfulness of those who have, or will, overcome their hardships.

Inspired by societal, political, and cultural oppressiveness, "Diamante" was written both prior to, and after Onna Lou's journey into motherhood. Recognizing the treatment of women and mothers from a new lens, Onna Lou completed the song with a new and personal view of how women are treated around the world. The rhythmic elements of the song assist in deepening the overall message, with a rugged, driving beat that incorporates aspects of Rock and Folk throughout.

Recorded at Onna Lou's home studio and co-produced with Julian Vidal, the dynamic musical duo leaned into exciting new musical territory by combining symphonic rock elements with orchestral strings while adding distortion on their guitars. The powerful lyrics ascend towards the chorus of the song, with the melody designed to deepen the listener's connection to the song, and recognize the power they have within themselves.

“Diamonds form under high pressure and temperature, where fluids transform into the hardest and most beautiful of rocks. I think that when we survive, when we honour ourselves, when we let others in, when we light a match in the darkest of moments, all the weight of that which we had to go through turns us into diamonds.” said Onna Lou.

Onna Lou is a singer and a songwriter born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her sweet yet powerful voice has captivated listeners in genres like flamenco, Latin American folk, tango, jazz, pop and rock. She can really take any musical piece and make it come to life in a beautiful and unique way.

She majored in Classical Composition at Universidad Catolica Argentina in Buenos Aires in 2012. That same year she moved to Boston and two years later majored with honours in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music.

In the last few years she has studied and worked with the multiple Latin Grammy winner producer and songwriter Javier Limon. During that time, she produced a music video with Berklee College students for the multi Latin Grammy winner Alejandro Sanz. This experience gave her the opportunity to participate in the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards performing with the artist. In 2015 she met internationally acclaimed Spanish singer songwriter Rosana and performed as a guest artist at her New York show during her USA Tour that year. Rosana has been a great influence in her music.

Onna Lou has lived in Winnipeg since 2016 and since then she has received the support of Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts.

“Ahora” (Now), her first album, is warm and intimate with a mainly acoustic sound. Onna Lou's second album, "Diamante" (Diamond) will be released in the spring of 2022, and blends a strong Latin American musical identity into a contemporary sound.



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