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Brittany Brooks & Jimmy Bowskill Set To Debut Original 12 Song LP 'Too Many Roads'

Brooks & Bowskill is the partnership of Ontario based duo Brittany Brooks and Jimmy Bowskill (Blue Rodeo,The Sheepdogs). Their music journeys between the old and the new, weaving sounds of 60s folk rock, 70s country twang and contemporary Americana into a genre that is completely their own.

Since releasing their cover songs EP “Above & Beyond + Across The Great Divide” in 2022, the couple have become known for their songwriting chemistry, tight harmony singing, and electric live performances with their backing band The Hometown Beauts. Brooks & Bowskill’s debut original 12 song LP "Too Many Roads" will be released early 2023.

This is the story of two old souls coming together through music and each bringing a wealth of unique experiences to the partnership that seems beyond its years.

Jimmy Bowskill may be the most talented guitarist in Canada. He began performing at a young age, and first played on stage at the age of eleven at Jeff Healey's club in Toronto, Ontario.

“They wouldn’t let an 11-year-old inside his club, so I started busking on the side- walk outside,” Jimmy recalls “Jeff heard about me, invited me in to play, and I did pretty well. I got a lot of gigs and exposure just from that one night.”

Healey's bassist, Alec Fraser, provided studio time for Bowskill, and eventually he signed a deal with Ruf Records. The next year he recorded his first album, Old Soul, and performed on the main stage at the Peterborough Folk Festival. Bowskill's second album, Soap Bars and Dog Ears, was nominated for a Juno Award when he was fourteen years of age.

Brittany Brooks is a skilled singer-songwriter and guitarist, she has spent most of this past summer working with guitarist Jimmy Bowskill and putting the finishes touches to their collaborative new album. As well as recording and touring, she creates concert posters for a slew of artists and bands which have included, Blue Rodeo, John Borra Band, The Doghouse Orchestra and Mike T. Kerr, to name just a few.

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