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British Columbia's Sam Weber Announces 'Ain't Life Grand' EP Set For May 5th Release

By Stevie Connor.

Singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sam Weber is set to release his new EP, Ain't Life Grand, on May 5th, 2023 via Sonic Unyon Records.

Ahead of the EP's release, Weber is sharing one of its tracks with an accompanying self-made music video of abstract sketches and animations. "Easy St". A reminder not to try too hard and to have fun while making music, the syncopated track and its lyrics reflect Weber's stream-of-consciousness.

Self-produced and recorded mostly at Weber's home, Ain't Life Grand celebrates the joy of making music and art and aims to share that with other people. While the songs themselves don't necessarily form a theme, they're indicative of Weber's broader state of mind while putting them together.

Years spent refining songs at home in North Saanich, British Columbia and working at studios in Los Angeles, California have honed Weber's craft to a fine point. He has already logged more miles as a gigging musician than most of his peers will in a lifetime, touring extensively with artists like Bahamas. 16 years since first picking up the guitar, having collaborated with Grammy winners and with extensive international tours under his belt, the Canadian-born artist goes forth with the same intention and mantra as when he began: "Music is an emotional conduit between people and allows us the opportunity to share moments of truth and unity."


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