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Brazil's Fantomaticos To Release Fourth Album ‘Esquinas’

When Fantomaticos isolated themselves on a farm in southern Brazil, still in 2019, they did not imagine the size and dimension of the project that was emerging. What was supposed to be just the pre-production of some songs grew and took shape. Live recording! All members in tune! Naturally, the basis for the band's fourth album - ‘Esquinas’, emerged.

Added to this base are some additional studio recordings, and other residential ones - due to the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The album's recurring theme is the city - life and conviviality. Porto Alegre, where the band lives, is also in focus. Coincidentally, many of the lyrics are about isolation, which dialogues with the moment. It is the isolation that the city provides us, even surrounded by people. The material was completed remotely, with each member in his home. As they were ready, the songs were released in singles format, always accompanied by videos produced by the band or in conjunction with partner directors. So far, 9 singles and 9 videos have been released. The band points out that the isolation ended up influencing the process, both in music and in the clips, which follow a bit of a quarantine aesthetic, with collages and improvisations.

On the 21st, the band presents the album in its complete form, with all the songs and the unpublished single 'Pelas Esquinas', which is practically a tribute to the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, while bringing several reflections on it. The composition is a partnership between keyboardist Rodrigo Trujillo, bassist André Krause and guitarist Augusto Stern. All of this is packed in a beautiful cover by the artist Fábio Alt (responsible for the covers of all singles in the project). The single also comes with a video made by director Leo Stein, who celebrates this tour of the city.

The disc will be available on all streaming platforms, and the video, on the band's YouTube channel, starting December 21.


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