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Blues-Rock Quartet The Name Droppers Release Sophomore Album

The Name Droppers with Carole Sylvan - Photo Credit: Amanda Defilippo

Blues/rock quartet The Name Droppers have a storied history. The Name Droppers were the backing band for legendary performer Charlie Karp who played with Buddy Miles. The Name Droppers’ debut album was initially going to be called Charlie Karp & The Name Droppers but Karp passed away before the album was finished. The backing band completed the album under their own name -- simply titled Name Droppers’ and it stands up on its own merits. Now the band is back with their second release, again simply titled, ‘The Name Droppers II.’

Music journalist Bill Copeland writes, It isn’t just their second album. It’s a junior to the senior, a continuation of the DNA in their first album. The Name Droppers combine old school rock and roll, blues, and R&B idioms to create fresh new songs within their range of genres. The Name Droppers make one feel that a Motown band or a Stax band never grew old and retired but still continues writing and recording those tunes that had us dancing to them when they were new and dancing to them at our grandchildren’s weddings decades later.”

The Name Droppers are guitarist Rafe Klein, who played alongside Charlie Karp for years and co-wrote with him. Drummer Bobby ‘T’ Torello has an extensive career most notably as the drummer for the Johnny Winter band along with Scott Spray who was the bassist for Johnny Winter. On keyboards is Ron Rifkin whose unique style of playing puts him high on demand as a session player. The band is joined on some of the songs here by veteran Soul singer, Carole Sylvan who has performed with numerous A-list artists such as C&C Music Factory, Peabo Bryson, Toni Braxton and Lionel Richie.

“To skip through the album we have the opening track “Diddy Wah Diddy,” a Willie Dixon cover, aside from having an old fashioned title, consists of fun, quirky story lyrics as well as snappy guitars and keyboards. Rafe Klein’s fret work on “My Blue Guitar” flavors an oldies rock and roll groove with a sweet, colorful six string phrase. While his band mates harmonize quaintly behind him, Klein whips out a razor sharp rockabilly line. A slight surf guitar tone permeates “Love Expressway” a self-restrained vocal cruises the melody line, infusing emotion without seeming to try. Equally beautiful and expressive is “Nights In November” a lilting, easygoing song. A handsome lead vocal cruises over the instrumentation with as much flow as the instruments.” – Bill Copeland.

But that’s enough – you need to listen to it yourself to get your own vibe about it!

The band recently wrote and recorded ‘UKRAINE WE STAND’ released as a single with proceeds going to charities in the Ukraine to aid refugees fleeing the country. The video for the song has been viewed over 114,000 times garnering support from around the world.

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