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Big Little Lions Ask ' Are We There Yet ? '

Big Little Lions have been described as ‘a blissful marriage of new folk and sophisticated pop’. Prolific songwriting, infectious folk-pop style, and an offbeat, memorable live show. This award winning duo consists of Helen Austin and Paul Otten who, despite living thousands of miles apart, have found a way to connect and create music together. Despite being in two different countries, they have found common ground to share their message. Despite the pull to avoid the hard topics and pretend it’s all ok - they’ve chosen to speak out. 

Although these are much different times, Big Little Lions have been used to recording remotely - it's what they've always done! Helen is based in BC and Paul is based in Ohio. With the lack of touring they dove into recording a new album and this is the result.

In addition they have just released a video for their single from the album ' It's Amazing '

Big Little Lions are performing an online release concert on July 23rd, for more information visit, visit their website at

For more information about Big Little Lions and other fantastic artists visit Traverse Music Management

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