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Belgian Pop Star Angèle Reveals Music Video 'Libre'

Photo Credit: Manuel Obadia-Wills

The Belgian pop star Angèle (born Angèle Van Laeken) reveals the music video “Libre” via Island Records, directed by Aube Perrie (Megan Thee Stallion, L’Impératrice). Taken from her album Nonante-Cinq, the video shows Angèle, as a way to oppose an all too often anxious-prone world, creating an alternative environment by imagining herself as an astronaut, a hero and an explorer. She embodies her own reality by flying over New York City and using her incredible superpowers, with a carefreeness we all have yearned for. This is an invitation to reach for the amplified version of ourselves, a version of ourselves where we blossom and flourish, that pushes and encourages us to live, freely.

For the first time ever, the French luxury fashion house CHANEL designed bespoke outfits for an artist. Virginie Viard has specially designed, in collaboration with Angèle, all of her stage clothes for her Nonante-Cinq tour, some of which are inspired by the CHANEL Spring-Summer 1995 Ready-to-Wear collection. This unparalleled wardrobe features a dozen looks in a range of colours and materials, combining tweed with sequins, as well as accessories such as boots and sunglasses. Angèle has been a CHANEL ambassador since 2020.

With more than 330k copies sold worldwide, Nonante-Cinq includes the other singles “Bruxelles je t’aime”, an homage to her hometown and “Démons” featuring the rapper Damso, and are the first solo releases after collaborating with the international pop star Dua Lipa on the infectious track “Fever” and their London-shot music video last year. In March, they performed the duet for the first time live at Dua Lipa’s Madison Square Garden HERE. Next week, Angèle will be opening for Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’ tour at The O2, London on May 2nd & 3rd.

Besides working her music, Angèle is the face of Chanel's 2021 Eye Makeup Collection and is an overall Chanel ambassador. Angèle is a bedroom music producer with an in-your-face “Do It Yourself” emblazoned on her oversized sweater. She writes her own lyrics, creates her own sounds, and hones a graphic feel that mirrors her own personal style: hard-hitting and direct. Angèle set up her own label (Angèle VL). Angèle is a spokeswoman for her generation, a feminist, fluid and all-encompassing, a pick-and-mix artist working in a world in which musical genres are a distant memory. Pop, rap and electro are all thrown into her musical blender.

Her breakout debut album Brol (2018, 1M sold in France, 500k in the rest of world) made her an instant, fresh Francophone star. The album title is a Belgian slang term that is particularly close to her heart. “I just wanted to have a Belgian word in my title, and this one always made me smile. Brol means mess or chaos, but it has a light, optimistic feel, it’s not a negative word at all. The word reminds me of my childhood and my country. I find myself spending less and less time in Belgium, so it feels very comforting to me.”

Born into a family of artists, Angèle has music in the blood. After studying jazz, Angèle began releasing covers of pop classics via Instagram and built up an incredible following. Free-spirited and independent, she goes against type time after time, sticking fingers up her nose and covering her hair in pasta. Her first three hits (“La Loi de Murphy”, “Je veux tes Yeux” and “La Thune”) serve as a refreshing introduction to her musical identity.


May 02 - LONDON, UK @ O2 Arena (support Dua Lipa)

May 03 - LONDON, UK @ O2 Arena (support Dua Lipa)

May 04 - BORDEAUX, FR @ Arkéa Arena - SOLD OUT

May 05 - TOULOUSE, FR @ Zénith

May 10 - MARSEILLE, FR @ Dôme

May 11 - NICE, FR @ Palais Nikaia

May 05 - GRENOBLE, FR @ Palais des Sports

May 16 - BRUXELLES, BE @ Forest National – SOLD OUT

May 18 - NANTES, FR @ Zénith Métropole - SOLD OUT

Jun 04 - CHERBOURG, FR @ Festival Papillons de Nuit - SOLD OUT

Jun 05 - PARIS, FR @ We Love Green Festival

Jun 11 - BARCELONA, SP @ Primavera Sound Festival

Jun 23 - RUOMS, FR @ Aluna Festival

Jun 30 - ARRAS, FR @ Main Square Festival

Jul 02 - NANTES, FR @ La Nuit de l’Erdre Festival

Jul 03 - CLERMONT-FERRAND, FR @ Europavix Festival

Jul 07 - AIX-LES-BAINS, FR @ Festival Musilac

Jul 08 - ALBI, FR @ Festival Pause Guitare

Jul 09 - PERPIGNAN, FR @ Festival Les Déferlantes

Jul 17 - LA ROCHELLE, FR @ Les Francofolies

Jul 15 - CARHAIX, FR @ Les Vieilles Charrues

Jul 20 - NÎMES, FR @ Arènes de Nîmes

Jul 21 - NYON, CH @ Paléo Festival

Jul 27 - COLMAR, FR @ Foire aux Vins

Jul 30 - LUXEY, FR @ Festival Musicalarue

Jul 31 - GIGNAC, FR @ Festival Ecaussystème

Oct 07 - BORDEAUX, FR @ Arkéa Arena

Oct 12 - ANGERS, FR @ Arena Loire Trelazé

Oct 13 - NANTES, FR @ Zénith Métropole

Oct 18 - CAEN, FR @ Zénith

Oct 19 - ROUEN, FR @ Zénith

Oct 20 - AMIENS FR @ Zénith

Oct 25 - AIX-EN-PROVENCE, FR @ Arena Pays d’Aix

Oct 26 - TOULON, FR @ Zénith Omega A

Oct 27 - MONTPELLIER, FR @ Arena Sud de France

Nov 03 - LYON, FR @ La Halle Tony Garnier

Nov 04 - LYON, FR @ La Halle Tony Garnier - SOLD OUT

Nov 05 - LYON, FR @ La Halle Tony Garnier - SOLD OUT

Nov 08 - RENNES, FR @ Musikhall Parc Expo

Nov 09 - LIMOGES, FR @ Zénith

Nov 10 - PAU, FR @ Zénith

Nov 21 - LILLE, FR @ Zénith

Nov 22 - LILLE, FR @ Zénith

Nov 25 - AMNÉVILLE, FR @ Le Galaxie

Nov 26 - STRASBOURG, FR @ Zénith

Dec 02 - PARIS, FR @ U Arena - SOLD OUT

Dec 03 - PARIS, FR @ U Arena

Dec 10 - ANVERS, BE @ Sportpaleis

Dec 19 - BRUXELLES, BE @ Forest National – SOLD OUT

Dec 20 - BRUXELLES, BE @ Forest National

Dec 21 - BRUXELLES, BE @ Forest National

Dec 22 - BRUXELLES, BE @ Forest National



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