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Belgian Blues & Roots Artist, Guy Verlinde, Releases Gem of a New Album Created During Pandemic

Photo Credit. Steven Hendrix

Over the past decade Guy Verlinde has dominated the Belgian blues & roots scene. He toured Europe non-stop, recorded 13 albums in 12 years, and played at numerous prestigious clubs and international festivals, where he shared the bill with greats such as B.B. King, John Fogerty, Tony Joe White, Santana, John Hiatt, Canned Heat, Jeff Beck ...

His new album, Standing In The Light Of A Brand New Day is a beautiful gem that was recorded between the first and the second corona lockdown's in Belgium and a new step in his musical and lyrical evolution. 2020 was a terrible year as Guy Verlinde saw more than 150 concerts cancelled. No concerts mean no income, so all funds he initially saved to record this new album went to his daily costs of living.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. For the first time in his career he started a crowdfunding campaign. Against all expectations, the solidarity and response were overwhelming, which made it possible for him to record this album. He felt a big responsibility to spend the funds in the best possible way. Not only did he want to deliver a great album, but he also chose to involve as many musicians as possible who were affected by this pandemic. Therefore Guy is very proud that he could employ 17 musicians, 3 studio engineers, 1 graphic designer & 1 photographer: his biggest production so far.

This album is so much more than just a collection of 13 songs. It was music therapy in its purest form. Recording these songs kept Guy Verlinde sane and held his spirits high during this hard-knock and uncertain corona period. Instead of focussing on what he’d lost or being frustrated by the lack of perspective, he could put all his energy into recording and producing this album. It was the most emotional and energetic recording session he had ever experienced. You can hear on this album that all musicians, after months of sitting at home, were desperately eager to work and brought their A-game to the studio floor.

Although these songs were recorded in one of the most challenging times of his life, Guy Verlinde wanted to create something positive. On his previous album “All Is Forgiven” he came to terms with his past. On this album he took the next step with positive songs about new beginnings, hope, and moving forward in life. Every day brings a new chance to make a difference while standing in the light of a brand new day.


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