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Backstage With Award-Winning Canadian Singer-Songwriter Terra Spencer

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Dreves Jr.

Terra Spencer graciously agreed to a conversation with Douglas McLean about her career and newest album ‘Old News’, her collaboration with Ben Caplan for the podcast 'Backstage'.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

"In ‘Old News’, Spencer weaves a mysterious aura around finely etched portraits of faces, places and faded memories, as only a songwriter of her imminent promise can. Almost in cinematic, slow motion, a series of characters materialize, share their hard-won lessons and dissolve, cross fade into another. An old teacher, a loving dog, a long lost love, a small engine repairman, a lonely girl longing for love, each comes into focus only long enough to be recognized for their humble place amongst the human tide.

Raised on the mud banks of the Avon River, award-winning Nova Scotian funeral director-turned-songwriter Terra Spencer has won over audiences in Canada, the UK, and Germany since her 2018 debut. She has already crafted a catalogue of startlingly intimate songs, marrying fingerstyle guitar, gospel piano, and her butterscotch voice with sly humour and 70s wood-paneled warmth. Terra recently released her third album, Old News, created with Ben Caplan and celebrated with a cross-Canada and UK tour. In a room of 5 or 500, every show is a knee-to-knee conversation with a natural storyteller. Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, and Karen Carpenter walk into a bar." - Douglas McLean


Feels Like Home


Brick and Mortar



Good Friends

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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