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Backstage: Douglas McLean Chats With James Banning, Lead Vocalist Of Quebec-Based Rock Band Stunned

By Douglas McLean.

James Banning is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the Quebec-based band, Stunned. I met with James for a lively conversation in late January 2023. I am thrilled to share their exciting sound on Backstage.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Stunned is a 4-piece pop/rock band with some progressive elements. Stunned have recorded two albums thus far, Only Human and Alien Satellite. Both are fast paced, musically inventive and filled with thoughtful, timely lyrics, which reflect James’ political and philosophical outlook on the era we live in and his hopes for a better future.

The indie band moved to Ottawa this year, in hopes of finding a broader fan base, while establishing their brand of rock in the thriving club scene. Stunned is an undiscovered Canadian gem. The band is preparing to release their third album in 2023.



Tinfoil Hat Man

Only Human

Live this life

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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