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Award-Winning Toronto Artist Francois Klark Drops Soulful Blues-Jazz Infused Single Bedtime Stories

Award-winning Toronto based musician, singer-songwriter, and producer Francois Klark released his exceptional sophomore album, "Adventure Book" earlier this year, earning him a coveted feature on NPR's Live Sessions.With over 15,000,000 online streams and counting, the lead single in award-winning Netflix film "Feel The Beat", and having shared stages with top Canadian and international artists including Shawn Desman and Ginuwine, the Oscar Peterson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music winning artist is a fiercely creative singer-songwriter and musician who pays incredible attention to detail and sound quality.

As his final single of the year, Francois has just released "Bedtime Stories", a Soulful, Jazz and Blues infused Pop leaning ballad drenched in impeccable harmonies, soulful horns, and a warm, comforting message of being worry-free on December 15 2022.

Elegant and alluring, Francois Klark's latest ballad showcases his incredible talents as an artist and producer, once again leaving listeners in awe of his out-of-this-world musical craftsmanship. Delicately weaving Pop elements with notable styles from the worlds of Blues and Jazz with orchestral sounds, "Bedtime Stories" is as adventurous as the album it comes from. With the sophisticated poise of the layered horn section, the song evokes the ambiance of a velvet cushioned Jazz bar of the 1920's, offering a nostalgic yet modern take on the sounds from way back when.

Klark’s sophomore album brilliantly explores his remarkable talents as an artist, showcasing his unparalleled attention to detail, creativity, and musicianship on a project dedicated to his numerous adventures around the world. Drawing inspiration while also being compared to some of his favourite artists including Labyrinth and Maggie Rogers, Klark masterfully builds upon the distinct sounds he established on his debut record, “Love”, while unreservedly pouring his alluring creativity into each moment on the album. Serving as both musician and producer on the project, Klark also worked with Grammy Award-nominated Canadian musician Drew Jurecka and Sean Wharton (On Planets).

The first single off of the album, “Paper Planes” is a Pop-infused, expansive yet intimate and organic track surrounded by cinematic and electronic elements. The beautifully crafted, Oaxaca, Mexico inspired love song was written on a decades old Yamaha pump organ and features the slight yet audible creaks of the instrument, and lush, enveloping vocal harmonies that are impossible to forget. Later followed by “Cecilia”, an addictive, upbeat Pop song that features sounds reminiscent of Klark’s native South Africa, the track combines the invigorating sound of rhythmic guitars with deliberately textured percussion behind lyrics dedicated to the everlasting friendship of his childhood best friend.

The album also features lead track “Fuego”, a stand out, up-tempo Pop song with cinematic and electronic production that also draws inspiration from Klark’s love for world music. Written about the new experiences, human connections, and moments of inspiration and wonder he felt while on a trip to Guatemala, Francois Klark’s “Adventure Book” is filled with outstanding lyrics, expert melodic craftsmanship, and musical performances as awe-inspiring as the journeys they were written about.

With exceptional talent and musical mastery so rarely seen in the industry today, Klark’s “Adventure Book” is a stunningly crafted and performed musical voyage filled with invigorating Pop anthems and introspective ballads. Celebrating all of the serene, exciting, and astounding moments experienced while traveling the world, Klark’s masterful, musical exploration of the planet through sound and lyric showcase the limitless nature of his talent and creativity. Traversing the colourful sights, sounds, and personalities experienced during his travels, with “Adventure Book” Klark solidifies himself as the young and brilliantly talented artist he is with an understanding of music that can take most artists decades to cultivate.


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