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Award-Winning Canadian Artist Dave Gunning Releases Music Video In Collaboration With Alan Syliboy

Photo Credit: Naomi Henderson Photography.

Award-winning Canadian folk artist Dave Gunning is thrilled to announce the release of his music video for "Dr. Lonecloud’s Medicine Show," a collaboration with celebrated Indigenous artist Alan Syliboy. This visually stunning and musically captivating video marks a significant artistic endeavor for both Gunning and Syliboy. "Dr. Lonecloud’s Medicine Show" is a track from Gunning's latest album, "The Same Storm," (released Oct 28, 2022) which has already garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. The song's poignant lyrics and haunting melodies resonate deeply with audiences, making it a standout on the album. Alan Syliboy, known for his remarkable artwork and musical talent, lends his artistic vision and musical prowess to this music video collaboration. Syliboy's visual storytelling ability brings a unique dimension to the video, complementing the song's narrative and atmosphere. Dave Gunning commented on the collaboration, saying, “Alan dropped over to my place one day and shared this incredible story about the life of Dr. Lonecloud and we co-wrote the song right away. I feel lucky to have been able to collaborate with him. What a brilliant and humble man.” Fans of Dave Gunning, Alan Syliboy, and folk music enthusiasts alike can now view the music video below for "Dr. Lonecloud’s Medicine Show" and it's available on Dave Gunning's official YouTube channel.

Dave Gunning is best defined as a master craftsman. Over the course of 25 years and 11 earlier albums, the Nova Scotian folk singer/songwriter has diligently sharpened his skills, developing into a poetic storyteller and emotionally convincing singer with few equals. Along with richly-deserved peer respect, Dave Gunning has earned a shelf full of music industry honours. That tally currently stands at eight East Coast Music Awards and two Canadian Folk Music Awards, plus a 2012 Juno Award nomination in the Roots & Traditional Solo Album of the Year category for his album … a tribute to John Allan Cameron, a compelling homage to another of Dave’s Maritime musical heroes. His songwriting skill has also been internationally recognized, with tunes scoring victories and high placings in major international songwriting competitions. As a fervent hockey fan, Dave was also thrilled to win the CBC’s hotly-contested Hockey Night In Canada Song Quest in 2014 with “A Game Goin’ On”, a co-write with David Francey. Gunning has also remained in demand as a producer working with many artists. Alan Syliboy is a renowned Indigenous artist, musician, and storyteller hailing from the Mi'kmaq Nation. His art and music have received international recognition, celebrating Indigenous culture and heritage. Syliboy's work is deeply rooted in preserving traditions and fostering cultural understanding.



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