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Australian Solo Artist/Producer Hazel Mei is Back With Her New Single 'Golden Chains'

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hazel Mei is back with her new single ‘Golden Chains’. The Australian producer and solo artist has already begun to establish herself with a string of releases through 2020 and early 2021 which have seen her gain radio play on Triple J as well as reaching number 4 in the Australian community radio charts. Now looking to launch her music in other territories, Hazel is once again demonstrating her talent as both a songwriter and performer.

With a sweet yet sultry tone that oozes with moody atmosphere, Hazel effortlessly blends indie-pop with jazz and neo-soul across her back catalogue. The new single ‘Golden Chains’ is yet another example of Hazel’s unique sound blending layers of piano, soulful vocals and subtle atmospherics before building into a dramatic, electrifying chorus. A bond-esque track filled with gloomy angst, the climate change anthem possesses not only a strong message but also immense commercial appeal whilst also managing to capture the essence of a raw and intense live performance.

Speaking on the meaning of the single, Hazel said: “Golden Chains is a call to action on the climate emergency. I wrote it in a moment where I felt completely helpless in my own efforts, and longing for real climate action from those in powerful places.”

Striking the balance between a familiar pop sound and something sharply unconventional, Hazel is an expert at crafting tracks which go deeper than just being a catchy tune. Hazel is no stranger to appearing on national radio having gained multiple plays on Triple J and sister station Unearthed. Having also received glowing reviews from the likes of Happy Mag, AAA Backstage and more, she has sold out shows across Brisbane and is set to head out on tour throughout the latter part of this year.


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