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Australian Singer-Songwriter Kora Naughton Drops The Party Anthem For 2022

At just 20 years of age - Kora Naughton - is proving herself as an artist with drive and determination.

There’s no denying that Kora Naughton is not only one of the coolest young artists in Australian country music but also one of the freshest songwriters who is consistently delivering hit after hit. The ride continues on her new party starter, “Till We Drop”, released on Tuesday 8th February 2022.

“At the time I wrote Till We Drop, I had written most of the tracks for Nineteen, and I just felt like there was something missing from the album”, explains Kora. “I had all the bases covered except for that drinking song every country artist releases at some point. It ended up feeling like the party anthem you never knew you needed. It’s about the freedom to just have a good time, make your own choices and consider the consequences (hangovers) later. Everyone knows what that one feels like”.

“Till We Drop” was produced with the acclaimed Matt Fell at Love Hz Studios in Sydney and captures the best of Kora Naughton bringing it home for the Australian summer. I’m incredibly proud of this track and am so excited to finally release it as a single – it feels like a long time coming”. “Till We Drop” is out through Red Rebel Music / MGM.

In 2015, she was forced to give up her passion of cheerleading - a sport she had loved since she was 7 years old. It was during this time she turned to music. Kora taught herself to play guitar, write songs and sing. This gave her the freedom to channel her emotions through music.

In January 2017, Kora attended her first Tamworth Country Music Festival where she busked for ten days. It was from this moment that she found a new passion in life and that music was what she wanted to do. Kora has opened shows for some of the greats in Australian Country Music including, Travis Collins, Amber Lawrence, Tania Kernaghan, Christie Lamb, Catherine Britt & Hayley Jensen and has performed alongside the likes of Bill Chambers and James Blundell.

In early 2018, she collected her songs and commenced work with producer/musician, Rod Motbey, on what would become her debut album, "Ride or Die". Kora says the album is about taking chances, doing the things you're afraid of and living life to the fullest. "Ride or Die" was released on Friday 20th July 2018 through Country Rocks Records/MGM Distribution.

In November 2019 Kora unleashed the single, "Speechless", which has already generated over 50,000 plays on Spotify. March 2021 saw the release of Kora’s latest album "Nineteen". A testament to her skills as a song writer, Nineteen features 13 tracks, 11 of which were penned by Kora herself.

Preceded by four hit singles, Kora says, “Nineteen is a celebration of my final teenage year. It’s a way of looking back at the last seven years of my life and remembering all of the defining moments that have brought me to where I am today”.


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