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Australian Singer-Songwriter Ingrid Mae Returns With Bold New Single 'Country Queens'

2021 gave Ingrid Mae a chance to refocus and spend a considerable amount of time song writing and producing; a place that reminded her of home. It’s with this nostalgia that the track, “Country Queens”, was born.

“One of my earliest memories is of driving up the Putty Road to my Grandparents’ dairy farm in Sandy Hollow”,says Ingrid.

“We had a cassette tape featuring country greats like Dolly Parton, Dottie West, Lynn Anderson and Crystal Gayle. I knew all the words and I sang my little heart out!”

It serves as a reminder of how one woman’s voice can reach across the globe and touch someone; even a little girl in the back seat of a Chrysler Valiant. These country Queens serve as the great musical and emotional equalizer. If you’ve been lucky enough to celebrate the tears or love sung about in a classic country song, then you’ll understand Ingrid’s lyric “everybody singing wears a crown”.

“I think that after all the heartache and despair felt by everybody in the last couple of years, Country Queens is the song I wanted to step out with”, she says.

With a strong signature vocal, cracking band and harmonies from the award winning Aussie country queen - Catherine Britt - it’s easy to see why Ingrid Mae continues to build her warm and quirky reputation - and why we can’t wait to welcome her back!

“Country Queens” is out Friday 2nd September 2022 through Red Rebel Music.

Ingrid Mae is an artist known for her bold country sound. Inspired by the performers who pioneered rock yet with the swag and sensibilities of blues and soul, her music is heartfelt and raw. Where most country pop singers shy away, Ingrid gives her notes a bluesy bend. Musically it’s authentic and refreshing with a retro rock edge and a big dynamic range.

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