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Australian Singer-Songwriter Clint Wilson Releases 'Towns Like Ours' From Acclaimed New Album 'L.A.'

By Stevie Connor.

Likening an artist to Paul Kelly is almost never justified, however in the case of Melbourne singer-songwriter Clint Wilson, it is a more than fair comparison. Clint is as innovative sonically as his celebrated contemporary, and his take on lyric is fresh and unique to him.

“Towns Like Ours” is the latest single to drop from his acclaimed new album, “L.A.”. Co-written with Billie-Jo Porter, it is a portrait of the all too familiar dark side of an Australian summer yet showcases the resilience of people during these trying times.

“We wrote the track just after the 2019/2020 fires. I live in a fairly bushfire prone area South East of Melbourne. It’s beautiful being amongst the trees but on a hot summer’s day it is scary when you hear sirens and not know what’s going to happen next”, says Clint.

The current single and album were recorded, as the name suggests, in Los Angeles with good friends Callum Barter (Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile) and Paul Bushnell.

“I helped Cal build his home studio a few years back and we had planned to catch up and check out the finished space and thought why not record a track while I’m there. Six months later I brought the band back with me to record the album”, says Clint.

Wilson hit the studio, bringing his Australian band with him – a decision which allowed him to create a sound that pushes genre boundaries, a contemporary sound that is rooted in the strong singer-songwriter sensibilities that the LA music scene is historically known for, but is quintessentially Australian in the same breath.

Clint Wilson is a master painter of musical stories, the strokes bold and colourful, yet always meaningful.

Clint Wilson possesses that rare and special something in his songwriting, that makes his fans instantly connect to his story. Justifiably compared to the likes of Paul Kelly and Crowded House, Clint’s nostalgic Folk, Alt-Country music is an enjoyable amble through the tradition of storytelling in song.

Growing up in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Clint was exposed to a life of music and performance from an early age. Although his family were not inherently musical themselves, the young singer was encouraged with piano lessons and a love for the guitar before reaching his ninth birthday. Surrounded by the sounds of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Slim Dusty, Clint began a life long love affair with the Country sound. Once in high school, Clint took to forming a band with his fellow schoolmates and the rest is history.



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