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Australian Singer-Songwriter Allison Forbes Releases Title Track From Forthcoming Album

“It started as an apology and turned out a goodbye”.

The stunning and heartbreaking new single from Allison Forbes, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, is the title track of her forthcoming album and was quickly written to say sorry to one of her best friends for divulging information that was meant to be private. “I was really worried about him and I didn’t do it out of gossip or malice, but because I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it” Forbes says.

“I felt so terrible that I’d broken his trust and wasn’t sure how I would ever make it right but we did”. Within two weeks, her friend had passed away and never got to hear the song.

A melancholy and evocative confession that she should have known better - and a hard lesson that sometimes words of love, regrets and apologies should never go unsaid.

Produced by award-winning Matt Fell, this ethereal song transcends definition. Grab a tissue.

“Dead Men Tell No Tales” the new single from Allison Forbes is out now. The new album drops Friday 15th April 2022.

Allison Forbes is an alt-country music outlaw that doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. A breath of fresh air in songwriting and a voice that does it all.




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