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Australian Musician, Photographer & Film Maker, Jazmyn, Releases New Single 'Mother'

Jazmyn lives on some of the most gorgeous land in Australia - Kabi Kabi country in South East Queensland. She values cohesive aesthetics and telling stories with substance, aiming always to create atmospheric art, striking tones and textures, with nods to vintage inspiration. Branded kindly by a past client as ‘the vibe queen’, she puts an emphasis on: constructing an intentional vibe that reflects the unique meeting of her signature style coming together with that of her clients.

Self-taught, she has travelled across Australia, New Zealand and America for over six years, creating every kind of content imaginable, as well as producing Internationally-shortlisted short films, co-founding a regional music festival, directing and producing music videos, through to taking on the role of Manager for some of her long term clients.

If you can dream it, Jazmyn can make it happen. Working alongside fellow passionate musicians and artists inspires her to create in a way that hits differently.

About the video release Jazmyn shares, "I arrived to finding out I was pregnant at 18 with so, so much fear, but so quickly fear turned to hope. Motherhood had never been something I’d envisioned or daydreamed about for myself; I had only spent my teen years wrestling with my experience of Daughterhood, which was largely a tumultuous and lonely journey.

The hope in this new chapter came in the realization that now I was stepping into a role I had for so long been an acute critic of, a role I had always put on such a pedestal in counting all of my own Mother’s shortcomings, and this newfound sense that I had the capacity to step up

In the early years of being a Mother to my son, Finn, I was married and wanting for nothing. I leaned deeply into the idealized version of Motherhood that I had romanticized growing up, watching Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, neat and proper and inside clean beautiful homes with well-groomed children and a gentle and generous disposition. This benchmark served me well while it was feasible, but in the coming years I began my career, traversed periods of extremely fragile mental health, and eventually left my marriage. Suddenly I found myself as not only a single Mother, but one who was not prepared to sacrifice my ambition or aspirations to ease that new-found pressure.

In navigating this new season of my role inside Motherhood, the idealistic veil shed. Motherhood done as it was in those old 60’s films is virtuous, but as I’ve come to acknowledge, is also performed from places of immense privilege. I spent (and do spend) a great deal of time questioning what standards to hold myself to now that I find myself outside of the privileges a two-parent, two-income home affords a family. Many of those days when I don’t quite stick the landing, if the washing isn’t folded and bedtime’s run late, or Finn’s on the floor crying because I overcommitted and had to cancel our plans, I truly feel less of a Woman for it; it eats me up to my core. But on some of those days I am kinder to myself. Who’s to say what’s Womanly? The experience of Motherhood is a deeply personal one to each of us who undertake it; it will and does come in as many versions as there are Mothers. That’s my refrain in my day to day as well as in the song. I wrote “Mother” as an honest stock take on just how ludicrous, though lovely, those Julie Andrews films are as a benchmark for Motherhood in the here-and-now. Not all is lost; I still prefer my Motherhood to look like a dinner made with care and attention, but I am still a Mother, still a Woman, on the days where it’s takeout and tv.

I invited Finn, now 8, to co-direct the music video for “Mother” alongside me. He has been listening to the song ever since I got the demo back, and always says it’s his favourite of the record (for obvious reasons!). We had real production meetings together that he arranged, where he went line for line over the song, pausing to write down ideas for the clip. On the day of filming, he featured in each scene alongside me, and for all his involvement it is one of the most beautiful, meaningful pieces I’ve ever created."


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