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Australian Indie-Folk Groundbreakers The Paper Kites Return With New Single 'June’s Stolen Car'

By Stevie Connor.

A freewheeling epic driven by its galvanizing electric guitar riffs and instantly captivating vocal harmonies, “June’s Stolen Car” was penned among the red dirt and bushfire moons of Campbells Creek in Victoria, Australia. Channelling the free spirit of the American West, the new track is a love letter to Australia’s great salt plains and pale pink dawns.

The track is the latest offering from The Paper Kites upcoming album ‘At The Roadhouse (out 1 September via Nettwerk), which they recorded live in the Australian wilderness while hand-converting an old gold-mining supply shop into the music venue of their dreams.

At The Roadhouse’ is the continuation of an odds-defying run for The Paper Kites that has seen them achieve accolades like a certified Platinum record in the US, over a billion streams on Spotify, and continuously-growing sold-out audiences across continents. Removing themselves from the typical pageantry that accompanies accolades like that, the group found inspiration for this new album by relocating to the remote village of Campbells Creek - away from the pressures of daily life - where they joyfully filled The Roadhouse with music around the clock for weeks on end. While often creating new songs by day, performing them to a growing fan community at night, and recording right there the next morning - the resulting sixteen songs form a touching ode to what waits for us on the winding roads of love, loss, acceptance and wanderlust.

The Paper Kites have previously released five songs from At The Roadhouse - "The Sweet Sound Of You," "Till The Flame Turns Blue," "Hurts So Good," "Black & Thunder" and "I Don't Want To Go That Way" - alongside live performance videos from Campbells Creek for each, and a series of accompanying visual vignettes captured in the Australian wilderness.


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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
01 cze

Great to see The Paper Kites back with another evocative single! "June’s Stolen Car" truly captures their signature blend of indie-folk magic and storytelling. Speaking of cars, if anyone’s inspired by the title and in the market for a vehicle, I highly recommend checking out They offer a wide range of cars at auction, perfect for any indie road trip soundtrack!

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