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Australian Alt-Country Rebel Rouser, Allison Forbes, Returns With New Single 'Angry In Suburbia'

Alt-Country rebel rouser, Allison Forbes, returns with the latest single from her acclaimed album, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.

On “Angry In Suburbia”, Forbes channels her rock n roll roots and says that the song echoes the feelings of many throughout the pandemic.

“Stuck inside, stuck in boredom and maybe searching for entertainment in the wrong places to stay occupied. People do stupid things when they’re bored”.

Produced by ARIA Award winner, Matt Fell, “Angry In Suburbia, showcases Forbes’ signature whiskey-soaked, gravelly vocals in a relentless delivery proving again why she is considered one of the most authentic voices in Australian Country Music.

“It’s a double-edged sword to try to be yourself and be authentic - being authentic and really honest means more to me than anything - but it’s difficult because I guess I’m not really a game-player: I don’t follow the same path as a lot of the successful artists. I’m coming to terms with the fact that mainstream success may be something I’ll never have, but I’ll always be me, and I’m okay with that.”

“Angry In Suburbia” is a rocky anthem that will have you reaching for the volume switch to turn up loud while driving with the windows down.

“Angry In Suburbia” the new single from Allison Forbes is out Friday 26th August 2022.


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