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Aussie Country Rockers Brewn Release New Single 'Hard To Breathe'

A new line up. A new recording team. A new sound. A new Brewn.

That’s the best way to describe “Hard to Breathe”, the anticipated new single from Canberra country rockers, Brewn.

Following on from the hit,“Paper Aeroplanes”, “Hard to Breathe”, explores a softer, yet more universal theme - true love.

“I wrote the lyrics late one afternoon while reflecting on how lucky and in love I am to have found my soul mate, and to have built an amazing family and life that we can share and grow old with”, says lead singer, Michael Bond.

“It’s a song straight from the heart and dedicated to my best friend, my wife, Lynaire”.

Michael then took the heartfelt lyrics to the band who then created an infectious rhythm and melody around the idea.

After the lull of Covid lockdowns, Brewn returned with the poignant single, Paper Aeroplanes. The track herald a new direction from the band following a line up change and new recording team of Duncan Toombs and Paul Kelly’s sound man, Gordon Wood.

“Duncan has the ability of bringing out the very best while you still feel in control of the project. He has helped create an exciting new style for Brewn while still sounding very much like us”, says Michael.

“Gordon has also been a superstar for Brewn. The skill, knowledge and ear Gordon has is second to none and he has the amazing ability to pull some of the best sounds we have ever heard”.

Further pushing the boundaries for the band, they recently recruited legendary US mix engineer, Paul Lani, to work on, Hard to Breathe. Paul has added his magic touch to the song and is now firmly entrenched as a ‘go-to’ guy for Brewn for the next chapter.

Australian Country rock act, Brewn, has been creating quite a stir over the last few years thanks to their unique sound and authentic approach to their music and performances. A down to earth bunch of good blokes - Brewn sing about real life tales - that deeply resonate on a profound level with real people. Brewn’s music unites people from all walks of life – and display immense pride and passion in their roots.

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