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Arizona-Based Ellanora DellErba Has A New Album, 'Lost To A Coastline', Out Now

Ellanora DellErba's debut LP, Lost To A Coastline, is a soulfully folk-flavoured Americana album, brimming with stories of lost love, lessons learned, taking the higher road, and remaining hopeful despite intense life struggles.

When Ellanora DellErba isn't picking her guitar, she's looking through the lens of her camera.

One might be tempted to think she sprung up from nowhere, like sage on a high desert plateau, grounded and rooted in the arid earth, but that would belie her connection to the cosmos. She anticipates miracles and magic in everyday life. She’s equally adept at inspiring an audience as she is in breathing new life into second-hand furniture, blurring the fine line between salvage and salvation. She is an unabashed believer in the mystical and the Divine.

Her timelines are filled with colour-cactus pads and sunflowers, adobe walls and ghost towns, butterflies and backroads, autumn leaves, and Aspen trees. Her musical aesthetic is inspired as much by Georgia O'Keeffe as it is by John Prine, Johnny Cash or TaliasVan.

Ellanora DellErba writes at the cross-section of vintage country, folk, and ballad pop, recalling the dirt roads traversed by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Her songwriting style is refreshingly authentic. She courageously puts pen to paper, peering through her own heart to write lyrics of enlightened honesty, rich in the agony and ecstasy of life's circumstances. Her voice is an expression of purity; angelic in timbre, accentuated by emotional sincerity. Ellanora's music reflects both wisdom, from her love of life, and depth, from her ability to love others so deeply. She turns heartache into song and shares the relatable journey of the human experience through her art. Her style is hauntingly fresh and sweet, beckoning the listener to follow along, dirt country roads less-traveled into their own heart.

Ellanora DellErba began writing poetry and songs at a young age. Her parents encouraged her to develop her natural talents and their collection of eclectic albums fuelled her to find a unique musical style. Wise beyond her years, she inspires others to develop their talents—not just in music, but in poetry, dance, and art—and to use those talents for positive change in the world. Ellanora was raised in an intentional community and remains a strong advocate for alternative lifestyles that nurture people's potential. She recognizes that her musical pursuits wouldn't be possible without the support of a large, extended family and the loving hand of God.

In Southern Arizona she has been a mainstay at annual music festivals since her youth; a fan-favourite at the Tubac Festival of the Arts, the Earth Harmony Festival, the Tucson Folk Festival, and The Sea of Glass—Center for the Arts venue in Tucson. She is also a featured solo vocalist with TaliasVan's Bright & Morning Star Choir.

Ellanora is on a non-profit label: Global Change Media in Arizona that supports a better world. They support musicians, the arts, the wellness of others and they even have an amazing hospice program.



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