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Argentina's Rolando Bruno Y El Grupo Arévalo Set To Release New Album 'Cosas Raras'

Rolando Bruno Y El Grupo Arevalo

Cosas Raras is the new album from Argentina’s cumbia hero Rolando Bruno. On Cosas Raras Bruno and his band Grupo Arévalo romp through twelve tracks of their signature “cumbia trash” sound - a rough and ready mix of Peruvian-inspired cumbia, punk, and other vintage throwback musical and visual inspirations from pop culture (like UFOs, street food and horror movies), all spun together into a wild mashup.

Cosas Raras is the group’s third album, and finds them traveling even farther afield— exploring Arabic and flamenco influences, Afro disco, Japanese pop, Latin American baladas, and even Dominican merengue. This last genre serves as inspiration for the album’s lead single, “Merentrash,” a fun and very danceable “merenrap” tune with a retro Miami club vibe. In the vein of contemporary experimental underground tropical artists like Chicha Libre, Meridian Brothers, Frente Cumbiero, Acid Coco, Money Chicha, Xixa, and C.A.M.P.O.S., Rolando Bruno Y Su Grupo Arévalo are an important part of the scene, but are not yet as well known in the U.S. at the moment. Cosas Raras is set to change this unwarranted obscurity with its infectious rhythms, psychedelic guitar flourishes and memorable melodies. The album release is an international collaborative effort from Peace & Rhythm, Electric Cowbell and DJ Cajon Records.

Rolando Bruno was born and raised in Buenos Aires and lived three years in Spain, before returning home to pursue his unique musical sound and vision. His current tropical music project was conceived in 2005, in tandem with his former garage punk group, Los Peyotes. But where Los Peyotes were based on a traditional rock group format, Bruno’s cumbias came together in the solitude of his room, with his “best friend” (his computer), which he used to create his backing tracks and humorously dubbed his “Midi Orchestra.”

In 2015 Bruno expanded his sound, putting together a band and reintroducing himself as Rolando Bruno Y El Grupo Arévalo; a supergroup composed of underground musicians from Buenos Aires, including members of such bands as Les Mentettes, Alfonso El Pintor, Los Alamos, and Pecera. El Group Arévalo are: Rolando Bruno (Guitar, Vocals), Adrian Rivoira (Bass, Vocals), Julio Molina (Keyboards), Alejandra Moro (Percussion, Vocals), Dalmiro Villanueva (Percussion, Vocals), Martín Sanjo (Guitar), Pablo Rivero (Bongos), Joaquín Ferrer (Drums). Together they have released two albums so far, including Bailazo (2015) and El Mundo Está Cumbiando (2019). Since then Rolando has brought his “cumbia trash” sound to various ports around the world, including countless shows in Argentina and neighboring countries, as well as several extensive tours of Europe and three visits to Japan. Cosas Raras is the first album recorded with all the members of the band playing on every song.

Rolando Bruno Y El Grupo Arevalo



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