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Animal Protection Sweden Release The Album 'Chill for Change' Featuring The Animals

Animal Protection Sweden have released the album Chill for Change where the streaming revenue goes back to the artists themselves - the animals

A cow, a horse, and a rabbit are among the artists behind the soundtracks such as Hit the Hay and Bovine Blues on the album Chill for Change. It is a collection of white noise sounds by and for animals. In the midst of the economic downturn, Djurskyddet Sverige (Animal Protection Sweden) wants to find new ways for people to contribute to the animals. By streaming the album, listeners can now continue to do so - without taking from their own pockets.

"Right now, many people are struggling financially, which means they don't have the opportunity to support animals to the same extent as before. White noise is one of the fastest-growing genres globally and is streamed tremendously on Spotify. The album makes it possible to listen to sounds you enjoy while making a difference" says Sara Frick, Fundraising and Communications Manager at Animal Welfare Sweden.

Animal Welfare Sweden (Djurskyddet Sverige) is one of Sweden’s largest organizations working for animal protection by focusing on affecting laws, regulations and individuals to benefit the protection of animals. Regardless of the global economic situation, Animal Welfare Sweden’s work is not put on hold.

"We will not be able to solve animal welfare problems today or tomorrow; we need to work long-term to improve the status of animals. This album is like a sort of pension fund for the animals; it will generate money as long as the channel exists and thus benefit our work for a long time to come," says Åsa Hagelstedt, Secretary-General of Animal Welfare Sweden.

The album consists of 10 white noise tracks, all based on recordings from the animals, and is available on platforms such as Spotify. The revenue mentioned from the album comes from STIM, a non-profit member organization tasked with ensuring that music publishers get paid when their music is used.


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