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Andy Penkow, Australian Golden Guitar Nominee 2023, Releases New Single 'Driving You Home'

By Stevie Connor.

Andy Penkow is a unique and talented singer-songwriter and has proven time and time again why he is the Aussie artist to watch.

When a song is co-written with the legendary Allan Caswell and produced by Michael Moko (Catherine Britt, Melody Moko, Fanny Lumsden) you expect it to be top quality. But what Andy brings to the table with his new single, “Driving You Home”, is a tenderness and quiet authenticity that gives the heartstrings a tug, in a way that only a seasoned vocalist can. The combined effort of three of Country music’s most revered men, is a single you will want to listen to again and again.

Speaking about the single, Andy said: “sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations where we need to let go but we can’t because we are either heavily invested or we are scared we might be making a huge mistake. We torment ourselves with the question of do we move on, or do we try and salvage what we have and make amends? I absolutely love writing with my mentor and friend Allan and the words to this song just came through so naturally and the process was once again smooth and effortless.”

A 2023 Golden Guitar nominee, Andy’s second album, “Love, Lies & Dirty Dishes”, garnered a significant fan following, which saw him perform extensively across Australia and in the US and Canada. Every single released from the album made #1 on various airplay charts.

“Driving You Home” shows us Andy at his most vulnerable, the lyric and melody supported beautifully by the master work of producer Michael Moko, adding only what is necessary to make this song shine.





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