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Already Making Waves In The Australian Music Scene, Lara D Releases New Single 'A.T.M.'

By Megan Routledge.

The new music video for “A.T.M. (All The Money)” from Australian pop meets rhythmic artist Lara D is out. Following the wild success of her single that has reached over 1 million streams on Spotify alone and counting, Lara D returns with an explosive music video to match. Embracing her identity as a Moroccan-Lebanese musician, Lara D offers up lyrics that celebrate her unique perspective. 

A.T.M. (All The Money)” delves into the societal pressure to change who you are for superficial success in the shape of wealth, fame, or status.  The song provides an intimate window inside Lara D’s psyche as she graces the track with earth-shaking vocals over vibrant riffs. The music video for “A.T.M." was directed by Fiona Nova and takes place in a nightclub bathroom. A metaphor for how beautiful things on the surface aren’t always what they seem, the nightclub bathroom profiles a plethora of complex and tragic characters. “A.T.M.” speaks volumes to the false fabric of societal ideals as Lara D searches for authenticity in the modern world. 


Currently back and forth from Australia and NYC, Lara D has collaborated with the likes of Diane Warren (Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga), J Stacks (Da Baby, Youngboy), Emile Gantous (Charlie Wilson, Boys II Men) and JV (Fifth Harmony, Robin Thicke, Machine Gun Kelly) to name a few. She has been featured on Spotify's New Music Friday and MTV's Spankin' New.

At just 21 years old, Lara D is already making waves in the Australian music scene, captivating audiences with her unique voice and fresh perspective. Her passion for music has been a driving force since the young age of 8 her diverse roots and unique culture has been a profound influence on her creativity . Embracing her differences, she weaves together a contemporary Pop sound that seamlessly blends rhythms, vocals, and production, capturing the essence of being a young multicultural creative in Australia. 

Lara D's energy is reminiscent of acclaimed artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Alicia Keys, Billie Eillish and Sabrina Carpenter. As a vocalist and songwriter, she effortlessly commands the stage. This command was evident when only at the age of sixteen she had a Voice performance which has been labeled as a top 10 all time Billie Eillish cover. 

What's truly remarkable is that she is entirely self-taught, a testament to her independent mindset. Her determination and resilience lay a solid foundation for a bright future in the industry. 

In 2021, Lara D introduced her artistry to the world with her first single under Sony Music Australia, entitled "No One". As she ventured out as an independent artist after parting ways with Sony Music Australia, her music and delivery continue to demonstrate her relevance in the ever- evolving hybrid scene of Australian edgy pop music.

Excitingly, she has recently signed with an Independent US record label releasing her first US single in December 2023 This milestone marks an incredible step forward for her career, and everyone should be looking forward to the global potential that she possesses. 

Lara D is a truly unique artist, and her songs serve as glimpses into her life experiences and keen observations. As she continues to make her mark in the music industry, I am filled with anticipation for what the future holds for this rising star. Keep an eye out for Lara D, as she is set to leave an indelible mark on the music world.



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