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Alberta Country Roots Artist Tracy Millar Releases 'Loretta's Moonshine'

By Celena Pinky Simms

Tracy Millar is an Alberta Country Roots songwriter, performer and recording artist. Her music has been heard in over 35 countries and her fan base continues to grow. Her style has remained true to her classic/traditional roots.

In a time when social gatherings seem a thing of the past, “Loretta’s Moonshine” is a wonderful reminder of the way it was, and the way it will be again! Having fun with friends, dancing, and possibly having way to many ‘spirits’ as we are just celebrating being alive and celebrating life in general. It’s about getting back to the basics and an escape to a down home barn dance and simpler times!

The performance of a song should provide a direct link to, and illustrate a powerful reflection of, an artist’s soul, and that is exactly what defines Tracy Millar as an artist. A singer, songwriter and interpreter, Tracy Millar is all about art and craft as communication, she is a vibrant artist who understands that a deep connection can and should be made between audiences and an artist.

Tracy Millar comes from a world far away from those where an artist’s career is shaped by listener and audience surveys, wardrobe consultants, and the myriad of variables that the music business insists are necessary to drive a career. She is driven by an authenticity to remain true to her roots and “who” she is as a performer.

A rural Alberta gal, Tracy is just as passionate about her career as a nurse and contributing to her community as she is about making fine music. And that is passionate with a capital “P”, as this recording artist never gives less than a 100 percent of her heart, and God-given talents to any project or performance.

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