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Alberta-Based Justine Vandergrift Releases 2nd Single From New Album 'Mountain Standard Time'

Photo Credit: Sebastian Buzzalino.

Alberta-based singer-songwriter Justine Vandergrift unveils her new country flavoured single 'Ain't What It Ain't' out now on all digital streaming platforms. ‘Ain’t What It Ain’t’ is the 2nd single from Justine's new album Mountain Standard Time, which was released on March 17th. With lines like, ‘It’s all smoke and mirrors and pictures you paint’, ‘Ain’t What it Ain’t’ is a quick little number with an old-time bluegrass feel that playfully speaks to modern day feelings of disenchantment.

“Writing the song, I imagined an elderly character who has used the saying ‘it is what it is’ as a way of coping with challenges and adversity throughout their life - a farmer whose crop is ruined by bad weather, a factory worker laid off because of a shifting market, a teacher trying to help a student progress in a system that’s not designed for them,” says Justine. “But at some point the aphorism fails to satisfy - this pensioner has come to a breaking point in their life where resigned acceptance is an inadequate response. They’ve begun to see and understand the greater systems at play in their environment, and to realize that the struggles and suffering they’ve endured are not the collateral damage generated by the cold indifference of the universe, but rather the inevitable results of corporations and institutions saying anything to further their own interests.”

Based in Cochrane, AB, Justine is an Americana musician with an irresistible knack for melody and lyric. On her new album Mountain Standard Time, she reveals a confidence and new depth to her sound with her clear emotive voice drawing listeners in to her narratives. Produced by Trevor McNeely, Jeff Kynoch and Justine, the trio recorded the entire album live off the floor. "This album represents my strongest, most mature, and most playful work yet," says Justine. "All ten songs have unique feels and stories. I hope the eclecticism of the album keeps the listener engaged and even smiling from time to time. Some songs showcase my love of the folk songwriting tradition, while others lay into simple old country, honky-tonk, and blues. I hope these songs are as fun to listen to as they were to write and record."


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