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Afora Makes a Stand For Marginalized Artists By Releasing Healing in Harmony: Remix Vol. 1

A global collective of world-class engineers takes a stand in the fight against injustice by reimagining songs by marginalized artists.

A new artist collective known as Afora releases its debut album Healing in Harmony: Remix Vol. 1 on November 20. Mastered by Grammy winner Emily Lazar (The Lodge, NYC), the project brings together remixers from around the world, reimagining original songs by A4A’s roster of artists who have emerged from the Healing in Harmony program for trauma survivors.

A4A (Artists for Artists) Records is home to recordings from Make Music Matter's innovative music therapy program Healing in Harmony for trauma survivors. In partnership with Warner Music Canada, songs are made available on all major digital platforms. Find out more about A4A’s nonprofit partner Make Music Matter. Through a groundbreaking publishing model created in partnership with SOCAN, A4A Publishing is able to collect royalties on behalf of artists living in extreme poverty and conflict zones and 100% of royalties are sent back to the artist community.

Afora includes members of A4A’s community of mixing and mastering engineers who donate their time to A4A’s nonprofit partner Make Music Matter – an organization that helps survivors of sexual and political violence, refugees, and others living in extreme poverty and conflict to heal through its innovative Healing in Harmony music therapy model.

A4A Music co-founder producer David Bottrill (Smashing Pumpkins, Tool) describes the collaboration as the realization of years of developing the Healing in Harmony program and a celebration of the advocacy of the artists. He says, “Afora are helping to amplify the voices of our marginalized artists as they speak out for their rights in the face of adversity.” The songs reflect powerful messages of hope and resilience and touch on topics including identity, discrimination, and daily survival.

Toronto producer James Bunton (Donovan Woods, David Myles) who remixed the track Soma (‘Education’ in Swahili) explains, “I was immediately drawn to the message of the lyrics and the celebratory feel of the instrumental.”

Throughout the album, original music from the Congo is filtered through futuristic European sounds of the UK and Portugal while children’s voices from Turkey are blended with a Southern feel from Florida. The result is a beautiful bridging of cultures and a reminder of the universal healing power of music. “My goal with the remix was to give the song a sense of empowerment. I wanted it to feel like a moment of transition from tragedy,” says participating LA-based producer Ronan Chris Murphy (Gwar, King Crimson). Healing in Harmony: Remix Vol. 1 will be available on all major digital platforms on Friday, November 20 through A4A Records, with distribution through Warner Music Canada

This debut release includes music from a global mix of artists and world-class engineers including remixers from Canada, USA, UK, Portugal, France, DR Congo, and South Africa.

Emily Lazar, The Lodge Mastering, NYC, NY, USA

Kevin Doyle, London, ON, Canada

James Bunton, Toronto, ON, Canada

Verny Scholtz, Johannesburg, South Africa

Robbie Grunwald, RavenTape Music Room, Toronto, ON, Canada

Dan Harden, The Record Room, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Nick Page, Lonely Blue Music, Tujunga, CA, USA

Nino D. Celella, Sound and Soul Studios Ltd, Squamish, BC, Canada

Stewart Turcan, Noise Floor, Niagara, ON, Canada

Howard "Merlin" Wulkan, Farmadelica Sound, LLC, Bokeelia, FL, USA

Ronan Chris Murphy, Veneto West, Pine Mountain Club, CA, USA

LiiN, London, UK Beijo International, Porto, Portugal

Georges Mupemba, Bukavu, DRC

Filho Da Terra, Paris, France



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