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Adam Ruzzo's 'The Land, The Sea, The People' Is A Musical Snapshot Of The Quiet Corners Of Canada

Adam Ruzzo is a folk musician who has performed, written and collaborated all across Canada from coast to coast, gathering stories and capturing the essence of the Canadian experience in his original music.

Adam is a highly accomplished Classical Guitarist, having received a Master's degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Toronto, and winning First Prize in the FCMF National Classical Guitar Competition. He is an active performer and composer of instrumental guitar music but has recently paired his skill on guitar with his voice that has made a lasting impression on audiences all across the country.

His album 'The Land, the Sea, the People' is a musical snapshot of the quiet corners of Canada inspired by his travels to these areas, and is gearing up to be a breath of fresh air in the Canadian music scene!

About just one of the many fascinating songs on the album, All I've Ever Known, Adam explains, "This song is dedicated to a fellow named Alex, who some know as "The Last Anishnabe". The Anishabe (or Ojibway) people lived in Northern Ontario/Quebec for Millenia prior to Europeans arriving to Canada. They lived completely off the land as hunter gatherers. Alex was born into a traditional Anishnabe family and grew up dogsledding, hunting and trapping in his ancestral lands. After going through the school system and the workforce, Alex returned to his remote homeland in the Temagami wilderness, he's been there for 30+ years and counting. I met him here under the old growth pines at the shores of a calm, isolated lake and had to write a tribute to him."

Adam's original music springs from his experiences roaming Canada; stories of folks who live unapologetically, a simple and rewarding life; living on the edge, from the North West Territories, to Newfoundland. He finds inspiration in the wild landscapes of Canada, including Algonquin Park and through his original compositions, he tries to convey musically the awe inspiring beauty so evocative of these silent places.


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