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A Conversation With T. Buckley

Douglas McLean chats with Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter T. Buckley who is based in Vancouver, for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, 'Backstage'.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Award-winning Canadian songwriter T. Buckley (T is for Tim not related to the late Tim Buckley) looks through the lens of life with his second solo album, Frame By Frame, released November 5, 2021 via Fallen Tree Records.

Buckley delivers another trademark smooth and soulful vocal performance that makes him one of western Canada's most talked-about artists. The recording sessions were fused in the winter of 2020 at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta, with notable producer Jeff Kynoch and a core group of players: Jesse Dollimont on mandolin, guitar and backing vocals; Mitch Jay on stringed things; Steve Fletcher on keys and organs; Dan Stadnicki on drums; and Keith Rempel on bass. Kynoch's open-minded sonic approach makes for an excellent pairing with Buckley's spirit of creatively pushing the envelope.

“From the sprawling expanses of ‘Before I Get To Turn Around’ to the acoustic, confessional Springsteenisms of ‘Holding My Place’ to the melodic majesty of ‘Marilyn’, Buckley is clearly on top of his game. ….Frame by Frame is beautifully produced and impeccably performed - a real little gem of a record. “ - Red Guitar Music UK

T. Buckley started to write these songs as he was prepping for a session in Montreal, and well, 2020 rolled around; the Universe had another idea. “Stay in your beloved town and help each other out by recording there. It's good for you, good for them, and good for the community,” it seemed to be saying. So, he obliged.

Opening the album is "Wildfire," which is pure modern Americana (a little Buddy Miller, a dash of Lyle Lovett, and a pinch of Rodney Crowell). The arrangement is lush with jangly guitars, a steady beat, and that warm organ sound humming underneath. Written about his sister and his daughter, for they are kindred spirits as he says, singing about "fierce determination to overcome people that doubt you and the obstacles in front of you," Buckley smiles.

The first radio single off the album is from the perspective of a young person who has been convicted of a crime and must get back into life after being discharged called "Holding My Place." The song's rich imagery reveals how the universal judicial systems fail the human spirit to leave them cynical and frustrated when all they needed was a listening ear or helping hand. Tim saw these broken-down people firsthand when he worked with them in a past job; he gives them a voice in this song.

Sometimes we get a clear picture of life when we look back, and that shines through with the title song, "Frame By Frame." T. Buckley describes the inspiration for this song – it's about his Grampie and his time spent with him – and just as in a movie, the songwriting is so strong, you can smell the old car, feel the shirt, and see the shoes. It's picture-perfect.


Miles We Put Behind


Settlers' Town

Father's Child

Solid Ground

Kira's Song

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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