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A Conversation With Rick Fines

Photograph by E. Bascianno.

Douglas McLean chats with Rick Fines for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, they chat about Rick's new album 'Solar Powered Too' and lots more.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Rick Fines’ newest release, Solar Powered Too, was released during a global pandemic, with the bulk of the songs recorded in a little gazebo in the North Kawartha woods, Ontario, Canada with solar power. You can hear the crickets and cicadas if you listen carefully.

Rick has toured across Canada countless times solo, as a duo or with a full band, he has recorded over 14 albums and has been a guest on many others.

Steeped in roots music, Rick Fines crafts a unique blend of warm-hearted blues, juke joint folk, and dockside soul that both embraces and defies the genres that influence him. As a veteran of the North American blues and folk circuits, he engages audiences with captivating songs, diverse guitar styling and his signature vocal growl.

Rick’s career has seen him working in stellar collaboration and as a successful solo act. First gaining attention as part of the legendary Jackson Delta, he’s since released six solo albums, another with his own Rick Fines trio, and a critically acclaimed disc with fellow troubadour, Suzie Vinnick.


Below The Surface

Live Forever

Laundry On The Line

That's What Makes You Strong

Fundamental Nature

One Lone Loon

Scared To Dance

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE



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