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A Conversation With Paul Hazel

Mike Kennedy chats with Paul Hazel for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, about his new EP and collaboration with Steve Waterman.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Mike is a Director at Welsh Connections in South Wales, UK, he is a producer/presenter, writer/reviewer and freelance music journalist.

Paul Hazel is a composer, musician, record producer, and film-maker. He had had many releases on labels such as Rising High, Rotation, Inspiral, 2Kool, Masters At Work, and Bamboo Radical. Paul has composed and produced the music for a number of commercial film and TV programmes and has produced and exhibited several short films of his own.

Whilst living in London Paul had a parallel career as a music technology and web design lecturer, working extensively at Community Music, Musicworks, and Hurricane. He finally became Education & Training Manager at Gateway before moving to Wales in 2003.

For 14 years Paul was a lecturer at Swansea College of Art. His main academic interest is communication studies: music, storytelling, medium theory, and semiotics. He is currently an Associate Lecturer in Music at Gower College Swansea.

In 2016 Paul was a founding member of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra. He ran an independent record label and continued to record, perform, and create.

Paul chats with Mike Kennedy about his latest release 'Out Of This World With Sun Ra' a four-track EP of Sun Ra covers, a collaboration between electronic music producer Paul Hazel and jazz trumpet maestro Steve Waterman.

Paul and Steve’s idea was to take Sun Ra material and treat it in a wholly contemporary way (rather than just producing pseudo-Arkestra arrangements). They’ve tried to retain the elements of improvisation and risk-taking that we all love about Ra, whilst developing a colourful palette of unusual modern instrumental combinations and timbres.

You’ll hear growling plunger mute trumpet redolent of Bubber Miley–era Duke Ellington set against acid synth and finger pops, Miles-like echoed trumpet above lush electronic backdrops, muted trumpet piercing through squalls of distorted guitar. Under carpets of chattering percussion and heavy dub basses drive proceedings along.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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