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A Conversation With Mark Pontin

Mike Kennedy chats with Mark Pontin for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, about his new album, Kaleidoscope.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Mike is a Director at Welsh Connections in South Wales, UK, he is a producer/presenter, writer/reviewer and freelance music journalist.

Since releasing his debut album in 2013, Mark Pontin has firmly established himself in the UK Blues/Rock scene as an artist to take notice of. A multiple blues award nominee and stalwart guitar player, Mark once again shows his skills on this record as a man of many talents. The band follow their critically acclaimed album ‘Textures’ with their third album, ‘Kaleidoscope’.

The album’s concept will certainly be relatable to some – about a guy who wakes up one day to find the love of his life has gone, and literally taken everything with her. Complete with strings and brass section, the musicianship alone marks this album as a true masterpiece. This is a melting pot of well crafted songs, and the eclectic mix of styles and atmosphere should bring the Mark Pontin Group recognition in plenty of new places.

The album was released by Lunaria Records on Friday 26th November, 2021

Head to Bandcamp for a Digital copy of the album HERE

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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