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A Conversation with John Closs

Douglas McLean chats with John Closs for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, they chat about John's latest EP 'Horizons ' and more.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

John Closs is a Sudbury, Ontario, musician and songwriter who released his first EP - Horizons in 2019, which has been re-released on Bandcamp, January 2021.

He is also starting a new project, which from all indications, will take him into new sounds and forms of composition. John has been a carpenter, a professor, and a union leader for most of his working life. He is a staunch defender of human rights and inclusiveness .

“From church choirs and piano lessons; through high school rock bands to basement jam sessions, music has been a constant source of pleasure and challenge for me. I write and perform songs that draw on the folk tradition. The songwriters that inspire me include Lynn Miles, Iris Dement, Phil Ochs, and John Prine.

I have had the pleasure of playing guitar and singing, both solo and as part of groups, for folks at Labour Day events, concerts, open stages and community celebrations. In 2019, I produced a five song EP of original material titled Horizons. The album is now available on BandCamp. Recently I have posted new songs on Soundcloud.

I live in Robinson-Huron Treaty territory and the land on which I live is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg people, specifically the shared territory of Atikameksheng and Wahnapitae First Nations, as well as Métis People. I grew up in a working class home in the fifties and sixties, and throughout my life have enjoyed the privilege of being a white male.’ - John Closs.


Burning Season

Walking on Walls

Night Run

Memories of Faces

Force Five


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