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A Conversation With Erik Bleich

Photo Credit: Jen Squires.

Douglas McLean chats with Toronto-based singer-songwriter Erik Bleich for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, 'Backstage'.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Douglas McLean is proud to present a long detailed conversation with artist, Erik Bleich from Toronto about his newest album

Erik Bleich released on Valentine’s Day 2022, the five song EP, More Than Anything You’ve Feared which is a vulnerable song cycle built around the rise and falls, mental instability and quiet bliss of domestic partnership. Written and recorded in the pre-pandemic, “Before Times”, this vulnerable offering is perhaps more relevant now than ever. From shared loss to personal triumphs, Bleich's intimate writing is swathed at times in murky strings, familiar waltzes and eerie soundscapes. The latter giving way to kaleidoscopic waves of chiming glockenspiel, trumpet fanfare and lush swells of accordion, violin, and battered guitar.

Whether weaving his lonesome way between shy-witted banter and sprawling narratives in a quiet living room or leading a cinematic, chamber folk ensemble in a lifeful venue, Bleich’s vulnerability and playfulness shine in equal measure, connecting with audiences wherever he goes.



Thistle Speck

Calico Night

Pink Guitar


You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE


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