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A Conversation With Bet Smith

Douglas McLean chats with Bet Smith for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, they chat about Bet's latest album ' Downer ' and more.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

Our very special guest is Bet Smith , talking about her new album - Downer - her third album with producer Rob Currie.

Nothing quite prepares you for the emotional impact of this recording. It is meant for serious consideration - it’s themes are both personal and universal, its production is breath taking. The clarity of its vision and our response as listeners to it’s intent, has all been carefully considered by a renaissance artist of vast talents and skill.

A songwriter, a powerful vocalist, a blacksmith , a soil scientist ,a homesteader and advocate for climate responsibility, a champion of local musicians and a earth activist, Bet Smith is a Canadian alternative folk singer-songwriter who weaves environmental and socio-political philosophy into rich, reflective compositions. With a voice that is gentle and familiar, Smith offers elegant melodies locked to lyrics that are paced and precise.

Smith’s reverence for nature is ever-present in her writing. She attributes this to time spent homesteading on a small island in British Columbia. Far-removed from everyday conveniences like running water and electricity, Smith learned to find comfort in a give-and-take relationship with the land. Growing food, cooking over a fire, pulling water from the ground, waking up to see her breath hanging in the air on cold winter mornings; she learned to settle in with nature’s rhythms and embrace her dependence on the earth.


Fires, Fires, Fires

I Would Rather Run

Forgive You


Some Greater Power

North Ontario


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