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A Conversation With Arthur Renwick

Douglas McLean chats with Arthur Renwick for his latest Sound Cafe Podcast, they chat about Arthur's music and art.

You can listen to the entire interview and music HERE

It is a personal delight for Douglas to present Arthur Renwick, renowned multi-media artist, musician and singer-songwriter on Backstage to discuss his career as a musician and an artist.

From the Haisla Nation in Kitimat, BC, Arthur was embarked on national tour to promote his latest project, ‘Cowboy Crashing’ when he was called back home to care for his elderly mother in Kitimat. Arthur plays slide on a DoBro, while hitting a stomp, plays harmonica and sings his own songs along with some obscure covers. Besides performing solo, Renwick performs with Sean Pinchin as a duo called LOS DoBROS, and with D'Arcy Good in a duo called COWBOY CRASHING.

His art has been displayed in important shows most notably the National Gallery of Canada.

Arthur has release only one album to date, ‘The Cigar Box Chronicles’, produced by the legendary, Ken Whiteley, released in 2008. His song writing is filled with unique characters and stories drawn from his life and profession. He was an art professor at the University of Guelph when he decided that he must pursue music full time. Currently residing in Kitimat, Arthur has recently been elected Deputy Chief of the Haisla Nation.


I Tow The Line

It Gonna Go All Night

Cowboy Crashing

Can't Fool Me

Do The Bukowski

Links to Arthur:

Arthur Renwick, performing at Rod Gun & Barbers in Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario. Singing a new song, called "Back To The Crossroads"


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