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18-year-old Vancouver-Based Singer-Songwriter Jade LeMac Releases Debut EP 'Constellation'

By Stevie Connor.

18-year-old Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jade LeMac has released her debut EP, Constellations, out now.

A landmark moment for the rising artist, the Constellations EP presents Jade LeMac’s first body of work in a stunning collection of emotive alt-pop songs. Exploring themes of heartbreak, introspection, vulnerability, and resilience, the EP showcases Jade’s vast songwriting dexterity while creating a cohesive sonic world that is distinctly Jade LeMac.

Speaking on the EP, Jade describes, “I’m very excited to be releasing my first EP. It’s named after ‘Constellations,’ the first song I had released. It’s the song that started this whole journey and I wouldn’t be here without it. I have learned so much about myself, my song writing, and storytelling through this EP. The process has made me explore my own creativity and imagination, and brought me to these places and stories that never would have existed if I hadn’t written it. Overall, I’m hyped about being able to share this first piece of me. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in my own story, and I can’t wait for what’s to come and to continue doing what I love.”

Speaking on the lead EP single, “Car Accident,” Jade notes, “This is the first time I have ever written from the perspective of two people and I love how subtle but how impactful the changes are. I was actually writing the lyrics on the bus and as I was coming up with this story in my head I was seeing myself inside of these characters and feeling all of these feelings of two people who have both lost something, and I ended up just crying the whole way. It’s probably one of my favourite songs on the EP.” Jade also released a lyric video for standout EP track “There’s People Watching”.

With over 30 million streams and counting, Jade LeMac is on a fast rise among the top new artists to watch. Today’s release follows fall 2022 single “Meet You In Hell,“ whichgarnered critical love from outlets like Just Jared,, and Raydar Magazine, as well as Spotify support on playlists such as Pop Sauce and Young & Free. Jade was also championed by GLAAD as one of their “20 under 20” LGBTQ Change makers of 2022, which Teen Vogue spotlighted as well.

Jade LeMac naturally exists outside of any boxes, and it’s instantly apparent in her music. She takes pride in her half-Asian heritage and connection to the 2SLBGTQ+ community, both of which have largely influenced her ability to bend and break barriers between genres.

The 18-year-old Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist pens introspectively emotional soundtracks for even your saddest nights, but shows up with anthems for “when you want to have a ‘bad bitch time’ or get pumped up."

Growing up in a tight knit, multicultural family on Canada’s Vancouver Island, she regularly sang karaoke unusually well with her cousins, falling in love with music at a young age. By middle school, she was writing songs of her own. Between endless practicing, she lent her voice to various dance singles for tastemaker electronic label Monstercat and started to attract a following on Instagram. Throughout 2020, Jade built her audience on TikTok, now exceeding 1.2 million followers.

During 2021, she unveiled the shimmering and starry-eyed debut single “Constellations.” This unorthodox outlier love song likened “the freckles on people’s bodies to constellations.” The independent release shined with 25 million cumulative streams. She carried this momentum through with track “Let Me” and into 2022 with “Same Place.” Standout single “Aimed to Kill” followed on its heels with over 10M streams to-date. Jade’s vision comes into focus on her debut EP which shares the name of her first single, Constellations.


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