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Mike Kennedy Introduces Five Artists

You Should Get To Know


Mike Kennedy is one of the original three that started Welsh Connections - which is a platform for established and rising Welsh musicians across all genres. He now hosts the Welsh Connections Playlist which is broadcast on stations worldwide as well as the highly acclaimed interview shows.


In 2020 he formed MADCAP Global SWND with Welsh-born businessman Stephen Morris and ex-Barracuda frontman turned fine-artist, Jeremy Gluck, and launched the SWND magazine and record label. Mike is also a member of the Welsh Music Prize jury since 2021.

The annals of music history are replete with contributions by the Welsh, particularly in the Celtic folk traditions.

But in more recent times, Wales has been responsible for some of the most memorable, not to mention important, additions to contemporary popular music, such as Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, and Manic Street Preachers.

Mike is a musician and music journalist turned radio presenter for the popular ‘Welsh Connections’ programme broadcast on Oystermouth Radio in Swansea, and on Blues & Roots Radio Worldwide, the show is also available to listen to on demand here at The Sound Cafe on our Podcast page.

Through ‘Welsh Connections’, Mike works to promote local bands and establish a national identity for Welsh artists that helps them stand apart in the bustling UK music market.



We asked Mike to introduce us to five artists we should be listening to,



Kaysha Louvain : This Newbridge-born retro-pop/country artist based in South Wales has been on the scene for over 10 years playing and writing in several bands and as a solo artist. She has a spectacular voice and powerful stage presence and song-writing skills to die for ! Her recent music has been likened to Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks and having recently signed to the MGS family great things are on the horizon for her. Her most recent releases, ‘Summer Lovers’ and ‘Nobody Does It Like Me’ are soon to be followed by her latest single, ‘The Crown’ ahead of an album in early 2022.




The Australian legends are back in the studio and about to release a new album in 2022 and if you’ve not heard of these guys now is the time to check them out. They burst onto the music scene in 1997 with electrifying live music shows and hits like ‘Kiss Me Stupid’ and ‘Sick Day’ - their debut album hit the shelves in 2004 to universal acclaim and they toured extensively with their brand of guitar-driven power-pop led by Cameron Wilson’s sharp lyrics and infectious melodies. Early 2022 will see a brand new album of all-new material and I can tell you now it’s something pretty special !


Another South Wales artist only this time not from the valleys but the coast. Zacthelocust’s radio-friendly take on American AOR is possibly even better than the original. Steeped in influences such as Blink 182 and Greenday these guys seem to never put a foot wrong. Their debut album, ‘Years In The Making’, is out now and getting rave reviews and worldwide airplay. Every tune is an earworm and with fantastic live shows lined up for 2022 this is one band you’ll want not to miss.



Paul Hazel.png


Composer, musician, record producer, film-maker and writer Paul Hazel is a prolific artist with many releases to his name. His Bamboo Radical record label is highly regarded for eclectic releases and high quality music that has been produced for TV, film and commercials. He has also exhibited several of his acclaimed short films. His ‘less is more’ philosophy has stood him in good stead over the years and I’d recommend you check out Osaka Story and Empty Orchestra - both from 2020.


A relative new-comer to the scene but boy has this guy got big plans and maybe, just maybe, the hunger and talent to deliver them. With two strong singles under his belt he stunned the Welsh music community with his third release, Dr Entropy’ which seemed to fuse Bowie with Bolan with the Talking Heads and Abba ! Filled with energy and a wicked sense of humour this is one guy I’d tip for big things in 2022.

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